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. ktvu's maureen naylor joins us now with a live look at what is happening. >> reporter: we just arrived 10 minutes ago. here in east san jose. i want to show you where this happened. this is the high school. this shooting happened down the street to the right. you can see where the crime scene tape is. police are working. video from news chopper 2 showing what we know is a murder-suicide. police say a man shot and killed a woman today at 4:21 p.m. when they received the call from another person who lived in the house. we know that two people are dead tonight from shooting wounds. i want to bring in jason from san jose police department. what can you tell us about the relationship between the man and woman. >> we found a deceased male and female. it appears to be a domestic violence crime. we are not going to know what the connection between the two is till the investigation takes its course. appears the male shot the female and killed himself. >> reporter: can you tell us -- they were found in the bedroom? >> yeah. there was one other person in the house that heard gunfire. found the tw
's just always believed in us. i think that's the most important thing to me that she believed in me and john and joany and took us to games and played catch with us. and shot baskets with us and just believed in us. >> no one would fight more for us than our mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us how to have each other's back, how to be there for one another. whether there was a scrape in the neighborhood, she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. and that was our mom because she was with us every single day. dad worked a lot. he was around. mom took us to practices. but mom was with us all the time. >> reporter: they don't like talking about themselves much but when it came to mom it went on quite a bit after that. joe fonzi is going to be along with more of the football when sports gets with us. from new orleans in the meantime, mark ibanez, back to you frank and julie. >> celebrations are building in the hometown of colin kaepernick. kids from kaepernick's alma mater in turlock wore their 49er colors and posed for a group photo with a ban
recovered the body of a hiker who fell to his death. >> our investigation into why the u.s. postal service is spending $2 million on a conference in san francisco at a time when they are also cutting back on service. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. an hour ago crews in the south bay recovered the body of a hiker who fell 100 feet off of a cliff at a popular park. ktvu's robert handa is in san jose and tells us what authorities are trying to find out. >> reporter: right now the medical examiner is trying to answer some of the questions raised by the death of a hiker here at this san jose park. the body was retrieved over an hour ago after a long painstaking process. >>> the view from -- rock park had to spend so much time and effort. search and rescue lifted the man's body at the north falls. >> the only way sut outis -- out is in the creek bed. it is slippery and wet and treacherous. >> investigators say the victim is believed to be a man reported missing on satur
rapper from oakland. eric rasmussen join us live he's in the newsroom with reaction from that victim's family tonight. >> reporter: when i first met them outside their home in north oakland today, ken cherry's family was just getting word of his death. many are still grappling on how to break the news to cherry's grandmother. it all happened around 8:30 a.m. at the heart of the las vegas strip near the the bellagio. friends said he had been living in las vegas. investigators say the dispute this morning started in the valley -- valet area in the aria resort. one witness said he tried to come to his aid. >> i tried to get to the dude in the massoroti. he was breathing at the time but ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >> reporter: condolences for cherry and his family have been -- for cherry's family have been pouring out on twitter and facebook. >>> new limits on ammunition are headed before the full board of supervisors in san francisco after a passionate debate at city hall today. ktvu's david stevenson in san francisco with the gun rights the police chief says will stil
after they picked us up from school we decided to come up here and see if there was any snow and we found some snow. >> reporter: what do you think about it? >> it's very cold and windy. >> reporter: we saw a lot of snow men up here. and these guys from concord even made one and towed him up the hill. other parts of the east bay saw a lot of rain. some folks likely wish they had been better prepared others enjoyed it. >> i'm very happy about it actually. i know that we need a lot of rain, we've got a lot of rain early and not much in the middle. so i know that we need it. the rain also created hazardous driving conditions. caltrans worked to clear flooding on 980 in oakland. and the snow was really coming down earlier this afternoon. some polks polks -- folks told us it took them about an hour to camp to the campground where they had to park. if you take a look out here live, it is quite a view. the folks who finally made it out here told us it was worth it. cara liu. >>> and doris sent us this picture of hail today. >>> ken pritchett join us live. he is live from blue canyon with
chambers is joining us now where he's been following the investigation all day. what are investigators saying about this case. >> reporter: they are being very tight lipped but several hours ago they released her identity and a picture of her crossing the intersection moments before she was last seen. and you can see here there's a growing memorial in her honor. genelle conway-allen is a girl many people did not know but all day people have been coming here to light candles and say a prayer. >> we were looking in our car for a stuffed animal so we could set out there for the poor girl. >> reporter: right now the family is coming together at this tragic time. as they remember a young girl gone too soon. >> this is sad. it just sickens me. i have three daughters myself. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the girl. police released this photo which was taken minutes before genelle was last seen. and on saturday. her body was found naked by a passer by. >> if they're doing the investigation and they have to keep whatever to themselves to find out whoever did this to her i'm f
by with no information on her son's killer. it hurts so much she told me. for us there are no real family celebrations anymore. everything changed. back in 2005, the 29-year-old was a father of two, just a couple weeks away from marrying the mother of his kids. >> he would be telling me about how he was working on these ceramic times and how when the shuttle enters the atmosphere, he had to make sure they didn't fall off or anything. >> the night of february 26th, 2040, he left his grandmother's home. neighbors found him slumped over in his car the next morning dead from a gunshot wound. the family says he had no enemies, but had gotten into an argument with a man that sold him a used car. >> my son thought he was just joking. he said he would kill him. who would kill somebody over a car. police say there are no suspects mean to leads in this cold case. >> we just want justice. we just want this person to pay for what he has done. we can't move on. we need this person to be punished for his crime. >> reporter: the family is urging anyone with information about this murder to contact san francisco po
joins us now, live from the scene where he was one of two reporters who went inside that home today. john? >> reporter: julie, here is the door, they kicked it in and unleashed gunfire on the family inside. >> my mom's room. she was sleeping. >> reporter: he took us around the home and showed us his sister's bedroom door and a hole in the wall. >> they went straight to the master bedroom and fired one shot while sleeping. >> reporter: he was at work at the time but his brother, his mother and his sister were all shot by the invaders. >> they were all carrying guns and the intention was to kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want witnesses. >> reporter: 3:40 a.m. this morning when the men broke into the home. the brother was shot in the face. the mother was shot in the hip and sister was grazed in the  finger. all are expected to survive. >> my mom could talk but she scream in pain. i worry about my brother the doctor said he will be frin a while. >> reporter: -- be in for a while. >> there is nothing to indicate this was targeted. there are no indic
francisco is also switched from using cast iron pipe. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> scientists say lake tawo's water clarity is the best than in more than a decade. test taken show 75.3 feet. that is the best since 2002 when it was visible as 78 feet. it appears regulating land use and protecting the lake are paying off. >>> some protesters took off their clothes in san francisco this afternoon in the name of free speech. >> there were more police than protesters at market and castro around noon today. after a brief performance san francisco officers sited and released three people for violating the new ban on nudity. two of the protesters have been sited before on february 1. that is the day the ban went into effect. >> we are testing the waters to show how much the police department respects our rights. >> they are considering filing a new case against the ban which they say violates their right to free speech. >>> san francisco international airport is 1ing about a financial scram. the scammer posts an offer to give away a pet and offers to pay
is live in san jose where he went inside the courtroom and tells us what the charges are. robert? >> reporter: well, the newest charge is attempted murder. there has been a lot of attention on the home invasion but during the crime spree police say they stabbed a man here, and that led to new charges today. >> reporter: the three men accused in attacks and rob -- attacks and robbies found out their -- robberies found out their charges. they had already been charged with 13 felonies, including a armed robbery on january 21 where a couple was bound with duct tape and their cars used as get away vehicles. the neighbor said the couple is still trying to recover. >> she was very shaken up. she needed help desperately. worried about her husband. >> reporter: today they pointed out they stabbed and robbed a man in san jose two nights before the home invasion that led to two new charges today. >> attempted murder. robbery. and there was bodily injury inflicted on the victim. >> reporter: the list of charges relieved some victims. they were robbed by the men on january 20. one woman is st
years ago and now i person of interest that we can >> it means nothing to any of us. hopefully it will mean something to somebody. out there. the remember something. >> reporter: that is what the family is hoping that a picture that could possibly spark a memory. live tonight in hayward, ktvu channel two is. >> he will find more on today's press conference on ktvu .com and we reported last night on the news us that she was only reported there where homicide detectives spoke to the family about what they learned. >>> a discovery of a 13 -year-old girl's body is officially a homicide investigation. and [indiscernible] in fairfield where investigators are getting help from the department of justice to follow this case. >> reporter: today please let released limited information but they did read a letter for the 13 -year-old girl whose body was found in this part. >> reporter: police announced 13 -year-old janel, allen's death as a homicide of their working with the fbi and the department of justice. >> we went to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: she was reported missing
. >>> hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> they are accused of using city computers to share porn and gamble. ktvu's eric rasmussen talked with mayor ed lee today about who is involved and the punishment. eric? >> reporter: from suspensions to firing in this case. mayor ed lee says he would like the city to look at how it monitors the use of the internet and technology. some workers at this yard and another division could be looking for new jobs. >> reporter: at this p.u.c. yard workers knew why we were there. >> heard about it. >> reporter: one of the place wheres employees are suspected of using city computers to share pornography and online gambling. >> we are taking this very seriously. >> the allegations are disturbing. it is misuse of property for all the wrong reasons. >> doug: mayor ed lee wants an investigation finished soon and officials say t be complete in a week. for months they have been investigating a tip that they have been sending and receiving pornographic images on the job. >> looking into what sites, documenting what types of photographs. >> repo
on bail at the time accused of using almost a dozen fraudulent credit cards. police rearrested him. he's now facing a total of seven felony charges. >>> two former executives at a san jose nonprofit have pleaded guilty to charges they diverted over $1 million from employees retirement funds. prosecutors say olivia sosa mendiola and benjamin ken stopped making payments between 2004 and 2009. the former ceo and cfo have three months to pay back more than $170,000 that were never remitted to individual pension accounts. it's not clear yet if they'll have to pay back a much larger amount consisting of employer paid contributions. >> governor jerry brown continues to allow convicted murders to be paroled at a higher rate. the governor's office said today brown let stand 80% of the state board parole hearings 470 decisions to free convicted kills in 2012. by contrast, former republican governor -- >>> a project aimed at improving service is on hold even though the state has spent $50 million. the setback is because the company hired to upgrade the system cannot meet the may deadline. >> more
. >>> hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. the u.s. navy joined the search for a man, woman and two children still missing at sea tonight. developing news. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where she has been with officials monitoring the search all day. jade? >> reporter: this has been a long and difficult search for the first time today as we heard earlier we heard part of the distress call from one of the family members and the coast guard is hoping someone recognizes the voice because they don't know who the family is or where they came from. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: joining us live, petty officer, you have been with us, talk to us about the information you were able to get from that family member. >> that's right, the radio transmission was weak and broken. so we had to piece together what we could. there were a husband, wife and two young children under 8. one of them was the sun of the operator -- son of the operator and the other was the cousin. >> reporter: initially you thought they were 65 miles off. >> we are searching towards
. the fans here are excited and well healed. many fans told us they say next year the 49ers go all the way. reporting live in santa clara health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the game didn't go the 49ers way but the bay area still has hopes of winning a super bowl. that is the right to host the super bowl at the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with why we have a shot at getting it. >> reporter: one big advantage in landing a super bowl is what you see here, a city that has a stadium, or one in the works. we will know in a few months if super bowl l will be played here. many say the odds are better than good. >> reporter: as fans welcome the 49ers home in the team's new home there were hopes for a return to the super bowl and a chance to host it. >> how could you go wrong with that? >> how awesome. looking forward to that. let's go right now. >> reporter: right now is not an option but the mayor says he is confident about 2016. >> we have everything from the golden gate bridge to silicon valley, all the beaut
's pretty crazy. man, wow. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office released this criminal complaint that describes how the man named matthew aaron llaneza tried to blow up the building. he built the ban who he thought was connected with the taliban but was actually an fbi agent and it wasn't a real bomb. llaneza specified a spot next to the support column to bring down the entire building. >> it's scary knowing that i bank here all the time. that's scary. >> reporter: he tried to set off a fake bomb this morning and was immediately arrested. >> he just hear all that stuff from the other side of the world but now it's coming here more often that's pretty scary. >> reporter: sources tell us that llaneza is a devout muslim who thought he was doing this to honor ala. >> bank of america is america, it's symbolic. >> i don't think there's any question there's a will the of people here that want to do this type of stuff. that have this as something that they're dedicated to accomplishing. the problem is, doing it. >> reporter: we also talked with a man who runs a business inside the build
and cheered for us. >> i'm proud of him. >> i am very proud to have done this because this may have been my last arrest. i'm retiring and it was a nice way to go out. >> reporter: the couple did make it to their marriage license appointment with four minutes to spare. reporting live in san jose, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a second woman was charged today in the killing of a man in his monte cerreno home. she is the first person charged in connection with the death of silican valley tech investor cumra. the judge did not grant bail. her next court appearance is set for next thursday. >>> the teacher from brentwood convicted of kicking an autistic student three years ago has been stripped of her teaching credential. the brentwood superintendent says that deena holman's three credentials have been cancelled. >>> a day of action was called today in an effort to end gun violence. jade hernandez live in palo alto this evening where one of many events being held in support of gun reform is taking shape at this hour. >> reporter: frank organizers say if you care about ending gun violence yo
neighborhood we met a woman who told us a story. >> cops everywhere. >> reporter: she did not want to be shown on camera but she said friday the house across the street home to a lutenant was burglarized. things were taken, including his fire arms. >> scary to think the weapons are out on the streets. >> reporter: police sergeants said burglaries are booming. 67% increase. 25 burglaries reported in the last month. iteminizeclude jewelry, electronics -- items include jewelries, electronics and fire arms. >> there was a safe that was taken. there were a number of fire arms that were stolen in that incident. we recovered the safe. >> reporter: full or empty? >> it was empty. >> reporter: he said officers are not being targeted. >> i can tell you to date we do not have specific or solid evidence that indicates law enforcement members are targeted. >> reporter: the police department is shifting through surveillance video, following up on leads. none of the residents were home at the time of the break ins. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and new tonight at 6:00 p.m. an effort to lure gun owner
finalizing their super bowl plans. we have live team coverage, ktvu alley rasmus tells us how fans in the bay area are preparing but we begin with ken wayne live in the big easy with the last-minute rush to see the big game in person. >> reporter: you can see the giant roman numerals set up here that people can stop by and take pictures of. a lot of people are out here having a good time and enjoying live music going on. not all of these people are going to be able to go to the actual game. in fact, if you want a ticket, there is still time to get one, but those tickets are going fast. some say the big easy got its nickname because it is an easy town to make a buck. but getting a super bowl ticket the day before the big game is not so easy. >> i had a pocketful of cash but i would much rather do it with a legitimate ticket broker and know i'm getting a real ticket than some of the counterfeits that are out there. >> reporter: mark made a last- minute decision to fly from the bay area to new orleans. without a super bowl ticket, he hit canal street looking to score. >> i think it is $1500 a pi
and lesbians should be treated like flynn else under the law. the us j 'tis department last until the end of the month to file the brief which would reportedly back efforts to overturn prop 8. the high court will hear arguments on case march 26th. >>> at least 3 dozen tax forms are still waiting for approval due to congress's delayed action on the fiscal cliff. many taxpayers are wondering how long their refunds might be delayed as a result. for the answer we go to the news room and consumer editor tom vacar. >> reporter: yes indeed. the good news most of the forms the overwhelming majority of us use are ready to go. we confirmed that today with walnut creek cpa leslie dawson. >> we received notice yesterday from our tax processing program that a number of the forms were no longer on draft, in draft form so we could finally start processing the returns with an assurance that he they would go through not be rejected and not require army. >> most people can expect refund within 21 days and people get it less than that and they can continue to do so. >> reporter: feel free to check on
that got us out of there! >> reporter: as utility crews and rescuers do their work, new york governor andrew cuomo is calling for residents to stay out of the way. >> please stay in your homes. we do not need you on the roads. you have a large number of emergency vehicles, and it is dangerous to be on the roads. >> reporter: meanwhile, some are just enjoying the winter weather. >> the snow so far has been really fun! right? >> yes, yeah, it's fun! really fun! >> reporter: the storm dropped snow at a furious rate of up to 4 or 5 inches per hour. parts of connecticut saw total snowfall as high as 38 inches. this time lapse video was shot on a deck in hamden, connecticut. snow eventually covers the lens. the blizzard knocked out power to more than 635,000 customers. the states of rhode island, connecticut and right here in massachusetts, they all had bans on traffic that lasted from last night until earlier this evening. that has just been lifted as of a couple hours ago, but emergency officials say, please, if you don't have to be out on the roads, if it's not absolutely necessary, plea
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